Maritime Security and Risk Management

Proven security solutions for international shipping companies
ports, underwriters and oil and gas facilities.

Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Guidance and training for those traveling to insecure areas

Defence & Security

Executive Protection, Security Management, Specialist Defence Tasks

Driver Training for Difficult Conditions

Technical driving, recovery and field repair for lone workers and drivers in countries with poor or unsafe road conditions.

Safety Awareness Training for Media & Film Production

Developing ways to deliver the story safely
at home and abroad

Counter Surveillance

Training for detecting suspicious activity and recognizing hostile surveillance

Health and Safety

Training for occupational Health and Safety
including working in remote areas

Super Yacht Security

Risk and security management services tailored
for superyachts and private vessels

BMP4 Vessel Hardening

Vessel hardening measures to prevent the possibility of criminal boarding

Understand and manage your risk exposure

Use expert analysis and advice to assist critical decision-making

Protect your staff

Demonstrate due dilligence

Perform reviews and audits

Immersive realistic training

The world's most advanced tactical shooting simulator

Shoot - No Shoot Scenarios

Performance analysis

Scenarios for defence and law enforcement situations

Custom scenarios available

Personnel, expertise, advice & protection

Response capabilities

Supporting your international operations

Logistics support in remote areas

Establish your risk profile


Managing risks and improving resilience at home and abroad

Develop a comprehensive emergency management plan

Validate your programs

Train your staff

Be resilient

Be prepared

Medical support for the maritime industry

Embedded medical personnel, advisory support, training
and medical evacuations

A leader in international standards

Certified to ISO 9001,14001, 18001, 2800 including ISO/PAS 28007:2012
through Lloyds Register Quality Assurance

Comprehensive audits for ships and ports

ISPS regulated port facility plans, security assessments and vessel audits

Armed Security Teams

ISO 28007 certified security officers for the mitigation
of piracy and other maritime crimes

Mission Essential Driver Training

Ensuring mission success while driving through complex terrain


Risk management, analysis and due diligence

Confined Space Safety


Tundra uses state of the art simulations in its programs requiring reaction to the use of force


Confined Space Safety, Maintenance, Rope Access, Non-Destructive Testing

Technical Work at Heights

Simulation for Vehicle Operations


Programs for working in unsafe environments and conditions

Industrial Maintenance Services


Integrated protective and project management services

Complex Scenarios for Law Enforcement and Military Leaders


Planning, preparing and ensuring continuity

Rope access Solutions for Military and Law Enforcement Operations


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