About Us

Founded in the mid-2000s by Canadian military veterans, and now with a multi-national, multi-disciplinary leadership and past performance through acquisitions since 1990, Tundra is a business advisory company specializing in risk management, security, safety, industrial maintenance and training services.

Managing risk has become a major part of best practices in every industry and Tundra provides scalable services that include analysis and assessments, planning, training, mission support, and various industrial services, all with the intention of minimizing our customer’s potential losses and realizing their opportunities.

Tundra is headquartered in Canada and is represented in South Asia, the Middle East and the UK. We support and assist individuals and organizations working in North America, in international markets and at times in unstable situations around the world.

Our Customers

Our customers are public and private sector organizations who understand the need to mitigate risks and ensure operational continuity. The management teams we work with acknowledge the critical challenges associated with globalization and seek assistance to address the difficulties associated with improving their performance and reducing their risk exposure in their home operations in Canada and when working in international markets, both as they look at new opportunities and when threats to their existing operations emerge.

Our experience includes support to the governments of Canada, the United States, Finland, France, Afghanistan and Japan; and private and non-profit organizations in industries that are as diverse as oil and gas and organic cosmetics, including some of Canada’s largest companies.

Our Approach

We aim to provide sustainable, integrated strategies to manage our customer’s risk issues, at all times focusing on their organizational goals. We have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and we have developed a reputation for providing creative successful solutions backed by certified management systems. We have a particular interest in working with organizations which have complex risk problems where traditional security or safety solutions may not be appropriate.

Tundra is committed to providing services at the highest standard of compliance, quality and ethics. Our quality management system is based on delivering products and services that exceed our customers expectations. Certifications from organizations such as Lloyds Register Quality Assurance validate our commitment to providing quality services, while showing an appreciation for both the health, safety and welfare of our employees and other stakeholders.

Case Studies

Please follow this link to see some of type of problems we are good at solving and kinds of customers we have supported in the past.