Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Guidance and training for those traveling to insecure areas

Defence & Security

Executive Protection, Security Management, Specialist Defence Tasks

Driver Training for Difficult Conditions

Technical driving, recovery and field repair for lone workers and drivers in countries with poor or unsafe road conditions.

Safety Awareness Training for Media & Film Production

Developing ways to deliver the story safely
at home and abroad

Health and Safety

Training for occupational Health and Safety
including working in remote areas



Tundra develops and delivers training in five main areas:

  • Preparation for organizations and individuals who are required to travel abroad, particularly when this travel is to potentially unstable or austere areas. This includes residential Hostile Environment Awareness Training / Safety Awareness in Foreign Environments courses, as well as a range of shorter seminar options.
  • Health and Safety training for organizations working in Canada and abroad: work-at-heights, confined space safety, rope access, wellness and more.
  • Preparation for organizations and individuals who may be exposed to potentially unsafe situations domestically, including emergencies, natural disasters, lone working and work in areas with high crime.
  • Defence and protective security training including executive and close protection, and driver training for all types of terrain.
  • Leadership and team-building training, with an emphasis on developing highly transferable skills – such as situational awareness, decision-making and conflict resolution.

Tundra’s training facility resides on over 50 acres of property and includes classroom facilities. We also offer mobile training consultants and teams, and we have deployed experts to provide training across Canada and internationally.

Our philosophy is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge, mental tools and strategies so that these can be applied in diverse real-world situations in both a realistic and relevant way.

We are the best resourced company of our kind in Canada, and from curriculum design and development to content delivery, we can offer a cost effective and innovative solutions to the training and educational requirements of your organization.

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Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) programs are designed for personnel who are visiting, living in or working in areas of higher insecurity or limited infrastructure. For organizations whose staff are required to travel to other areas that may not be considered hostile, but nevertheless may be potentially more hazardous than their normal working environments or perhaps just culturally unfamiliar we would recommend our Safety Awareness in Foreign Environments (SAFE) training. Both of these programs are intended to provide knowledge and techniques to reduce the chances of our trainees becoming involved in a security or safety incident, and to mitigate the seriousness and effects of an incident if they are.

Tundra recognises that while organizations working in challenging environments want to provide the best safety that they can for their staff, they are also present there to achieve certain objectives, and so our training has also been designed to reflect the need for achieving operational goals, continuity and resilience while still effectively managing and mitigating the specific threats of their environment.

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Specialized Driver Training

Tundra offers driving programs that have been created through experience of operational driving experience for counter terrorism, close protection and convoy operations with advanced driver techniques, and are particularly applicable to driving in countries that have limited infrastructure or are less secure.

Our programs stresses the requirement to be competent on all types of road surfaces in various traffic conditions and with vehicles of varying weights and size.  We deliver tactical driving programs for military and law enforcement and specialized courses, and expeditionary programs for organizations whose staff may be required to drive overseas.

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Leadership & Team Development

Leadership and team-building training, with an emphasis on developing transferable skills – such as situational awareness, decision-making and conflict resolution – that are also highly sought after in commercial organizations.

We can develop classroom based seminars aimed at higher level management or active scenario-based training more suitable for junior to mid-level leaders incorporating elements such as driving or tactical skills that can provide corporate groups a truly unique and memorable experience while also gaining valuable leadership and team development skills.

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Defence & Protective Security Training

Building on our own operational and work experience Tundra has provided defence and protective security training for more than a decade to customers that have included several of Canada’s specialized military and law enforcement units. These have included close protection, advanced driving, small arms skills, high angle access rope work, search and rescue and leadership development. We use expert instructors following bespoke programs that focus on the key fundamentals and supporting skill requirements, that progressively continue to add new teaching points while building on previously learned skills.

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Emergency Medicine

Tundra can provide medical training programs for personnel travelling to and working in remote areas and hostile environments.  This comprehensive curriculum is designed from a combination of remote medicine and tactical combat casualty care and will give students the skills required to treat themselves and others in conflict zones, remote regions and countries with limited infrastructure.