Founded more than 10 years ago to assist organizations manage their security, safety and logistics in some of the world’s most difficult working environments, today Tundra supports private and public sector organizations both at home in Canada and abroad with services that are intended to enable them meet their organizational goals by both reducing their exposure to risks and improving their overall resilience and performance.

These include:

  • Advisory Services  Identifying and assessing risks and the development of solutions to mitigate them; evaluating existing approaches to risk and threat mitigation, and providing advanced information to assist with decision-making.
  • Mission Support  Implementing physical risk, security and safety management solutions; and providing the necessary expertise and practical support to assist organizations achieve their goals.
  • Emergency Management Assessment, planning and training to improve business continuity both in public and private sector situations.
  • Industrial Support Services Rope access, confined space safety, Non-Destructive Testing with experience assisting organizations in a wide variety of sectors.
  • Training Training for those required to work in challenging or uncertain situations, including medium to high threat environments at home and internationally.