Washington. Baiting when it comes to reason for Hunting Deer or Elk

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Washington. Baiting when it comes to reason for Hunting Deer or Elk

Arizona Hunting Cougar Standard Seasons

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  • General Information
    • Huntsman & Trapper Studies
    • Chronic Wasting Ailments (CWD)
    • Searching Access & Closures
    • Searching Accessibility on Personal Countries
    • Where You Might Get Maps
    • DNR Countries
    • Meanings
    • Hunting Hours
    • Turn-in a Poacher (Idea) regimen
    • Submit a Poacher (Suggestion) truck
    • Condition Relaxation Countries & Drinking Water Accessibility Sites
    • Treponeme-Associated Hoof Ailments (TAHD) in Elk
    • Arizona Section of Fish & Animals
  • Certificates, Allows & Charges
    • Permit, Tags & Permit Fees
    • Permit Suggestions & Criteria
    • Deer Unique Permits
    • Elk Certain Permits
    • Bighorn Sheep Important Permits
    • Hill Goat Specialized Permits
    • Poultry Specific Permits
    • Moose Special Permits
    • Special License Program Directions
    • Raffle Allow Hunts
  • Shopping Laws
    • Compulsory Hunter Revealing
    • Violations & Penalties
    • Devices & Hunting Means
    • General public Conduct Guidelines on WDFW Places
    • Hunters Rule of Run
    • Restricted Searching Practices
    • Marking & Carrying Games
    • Persons with handicaps
    • Tribal Shopping
    • Deer Standard Facts
    • Deer Antler Aim Diagrams
    • Elk Standard Records
    • Elk Antler Point Diagrams
    • Baiting for all the reason for looking Deer or Elk
    • Ebony Keep
    • Varieties Detection
    • WDFW Check Channels
  • Months & Restrictions
    • Deer General Periods
    • Elk Standard Months
    • Cougar General Seasons
  • Administration Markets
    • Online Game Administration Devices
    • Deer Markets
    • Elk Markets
    • Hill Goat Quest Avenues
    • Bighorn Sheep Devices
    • Moose Segments
    • Collaborative Street Administration Markets
    • Firearm Limitation Markets
    • Exclusive Countries Access Program
  • PDF Downloads
    • Victory Your Ideal Quest
    • Corrections to rules
    • Moose Search Places Map
    • Bighorn Sheep Models Maps
    • Hill Goat Look Segments Map
    • Elk Avenues Maps
    • 2022 Multi-Season Licenses
    • Deer Places Maps
    • Online Game Administration Products PDF
    • Complete Pamphlet 24MB

Cougar Standard Seasons

Standard Conditions:

  • Early shopping month: Sept. 1-Dec. 31
  • Late searching season: Jan. 1-Apr. 30 or as soon as the crop guideline was hit, whichever happen first. A legitimate 2022-23 cougar license/tag is needed to hunt cougar in April 2022. (WAC 220-415-100)

Notice: the searching permit season ends up March 31st. Hunters looking to hunt during April 2022 should have a valid cougar license/tag for 2022-2023 season.

HUNTER REQUIREMENTS, Compulsory Revealing and Cover Sealing

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  1. From the later part of the period which initiate January 1, 2022, all profitable cougar hunters have to submit their crop to your Cougar Hotline at: 1-866-364-4868 within 72-hours (hit 3 after greeting).
  2. Throughout both beginning & Late looking months, all hunters need to have their own collected cougar (unfrozen conceal and head) sealed by WDFW within 5 times of the kill (be sure to allow proof gender connected). The skull and hide (both non-frozen) ought to be introduced so teeth and biological products could be used.
  3. All hunters must also document their particular cougar searching task both for beginning and Late hunting periods in the open system.
  4. No one may possess an unbarred WDFW cougar seal unless it is often slashed by an authorized taxidermist or fur supplier who’s got gotten and invoiced the pelt for control. (WAC 220-415-050).

License/Tag Forced:

A valid big game licenses, including cougar as a variety choice.

ATTENTION – a legitimate 2022-23 cougar license/tag is needed to search cougar in April 2022.

Bag Limit:

One cougar per license 12 months.

Searching Practices:

Hunters can use any legal gun for hunting cougar. Employing pets for recreational looking of cougar is actually forbidden statewide.

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