Think About Your Competitors? BikeYoke Divine SL Specifications

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Think About Your Competitors? BikeYoke Divine SL Specifications

Brief trips dropper articles are nothing new. KS has received a 65mm LEV dropper post around for a few years, and also as XC racers and bikers carry on being certain with the concept of operating a height-adjustable seatpost, weve seen most solutions arise since. Here Ive detailed a number of the much lighter short-travel possibilities in the marketplace, to demonstrate how the Divine SL compares. The weights allow me to share from the suppliers for a standalone 30.9mm diameter blog post (so no remote or wires);

As youll discover because list, the JBG 2 is currently the lightest available with a 240g stated body weight. Yes, that is light than Thomsons rigorous top-notch seatpost. It is extremely a different monster to everything else they uses plenty of carbon fiber, exterior routing and a simple springtime layout without any damping at all. In addition it possess a 95kg weight restrict, and is extremely pricey with a cost tag that changes to about $1,250 AUD. Yikes!

A appropriate comparison will be the DT Swiss and Vecnum droppers, which along flank the Divine SL regarding fat and vacation. Both are quite brand new though, and were yet receive the on the job either.

With a focus on XC racing, BikeYoke decided 80mm of vacation for your Divine SL.

But back once again to the Divine SL. Our very own dropper article arrived directly from BikeYoke in Germany, though around australia BikeYoke items are marketed and delivered through MTBDirect. The blog post occurs unique, to help you sometimes make use of your established handlebar remote control or buy whatever cable-operated remote control your elegant. BikeYoke sent us a unique Triggy X Adjustable remote, which costs $90 AUD.

BikeYoke Divine SL Specifications

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Setting up the Divine SL is relatively straightforward. The Triggy X remote mounts into the pubs either along with its own split clamp, or right to a SRAM brake via the MatchMaker system, and is exactly how Ive first got it build. The thumb-sized are drilled for texture, and features curved sides which happen to be less likely to separate your own kneecap available in a collision. Together with its lateral adjustment, the Triggy try right up here among the nicest dropper levers Ive made use of.

The Divine SL is internally routed, but because the foot of the blog post try hollow, installing the wire are a little trickier. BikeYoke contains a plastic outlet instrument for eliminating the actuator, then its a case of setting up the top of products cable inside holster, then reattaching the actuator on root of the blog post. They required a couple of stretches of trimming the cable housing to ultimately achieve the right duration, but since putting in I havent was required to contact it, and theres a barrel adjuster regarding the online for taking up slack given that cable exterior compresses.

Up in the seat conclusion, theres a twin bolt clamp thatll support round material or oval carbon rails. Ive have a Specialized energy S-Works seat with carbon rail, that has been both simple to compliment and set the tilt perspective. The titanium bolts carry out need a T25 torx secret though, thus make certain you have one of these on your multi-tool.

The twin-bolt seat clamp build is demonstrated and offers a fine degree of adjustability. Its a small detail, however the storage screws are made from titanium for lower pounds.

Are 80mm Of Trips Adequate?

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Thats a concern we pondered for a long time in advance of receiving the Divine SL. Not merely posses I become accustomed having a dropper post on all my personal hill bikes, Ive in addition become accustomed having the maximum amount of vacation that in good physical shape. Multiple recent test bicycles, the Norco Sight A1 and bend DownRock, posses both incorporate 170mm+ dropper stuff, that has been remarkably helpful for move in regards to the cockpit for difficult cornering and bombing all the way down steep chutes.

Our Santa Cruz Blur in addition has have a 150mm trips Fox exchange equipped since day one, even though that bike is a short-travel XC pinner, it is a complete blast to hoon around on aided by the saddle slammed out-of-the-way.

A factor I got observed while racing as well as on hectic people rides though, ended up being how much fuel I was expending from continually compressing the dropper post. Im an all-or-nothing kinda chap, maybe much more steps than one. Thus for me personally the saddles either at full peak, or squished all the way down the whole way we rarely work it around between. With a 150mm trips article, thats quite a distance to force your own saddle down, especially if you do so since on a regular basis as I create. Think it over. Throughout an hours race, that is a great deal of thigh-busting squatting.

Visiting the 80mm vacation Divine SL performed capture a couple of adventures to recalibrate, though I became rapid to see and value the paid off stress on my upper thighs. Theres merely much less fuel expended in compression the post both due to the less vacation, and as this blog post is so light within its actions. Definitely for XC utilize, Ive found it to possess the ideal amount of trips. It still lets you move around with decreased constraint regarding descents, and that’s big, but for me personally its the advance in cornering that is the biggest perks.

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