Advanced & Specialized Driver Training

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Tundra offers bespoke driver training programs for organizations that may require their staff to drive in difficult conditions or hazardous environments. This could include executive and close protection missions, expeditions, technical off-road situations and driving in areas with limited infrastructure.

Our customers have included various military units, the staff of organizations that may be required to drive in unfamiliar overseas situations, and executive protection details of Canadian companies.

Tundra has our own vehicle fleet and access to various training environments, depending on the specific needs of the customer organization.

Please note that we do not offer open enrollment driver courses to members of the public at this time, although occasionally we may be able to accommodate private group requests where there is a justification for this type of training; for example a private group planning to conduct an expedition or pre-organised group of serving military / law enforcement members wishing to develop their skills.

Tactical Driving

Tundra offers tactical driving courses that develop competency on different types of road surfaces; technical off-road, unimproved road (gravel, dirt and clay) and tarmac; with the potential to combine the use of off-road vehicles, high-center gravity vehicles and low stable cars for high speed driving.  We can also provide vehicles for “metal on metal” scenarios which may include pitting, ramming and other contact drills and exercises.

In addition we can also offer training in areas such as night and low-light driving using Night Vision Devices, incorporating motorcade drills and offensive/defensive tactics,  expedient field repair for gas and diesel engines, and mounted and unmounted tactical decision making for both close protection and convoy operations.

All skill-sets are reinforced through a series of progressive and cumulative scenario’s to incorporate all teaching areas complemented by situational awareness and critical decision-making processes by the student driver.

Driving in Unfamiliar International Conditions

Tundra can provide driver training programs to assist personnel working and driving in developing countries and areas with poor infrastructure and less safe road conditions.

These program include techniques required to effectively drive on unimproved roadways such as gravel, dirt and unmaintained asphalt and how to navigate around, through and over obstacles when necessary.  Recovery techniques and field repair is included in this program and if requested, we can also offer communication lessons on HF and VHF vehicle mounted radio systems and lessons on convoy driving and security awareness for drivers.

Expedition Program

For professional and leisure travellers that may be intending to go into more remote areas we can offer expedition driver training that covers technical driving skills for off-road and overland terrain, improvised recovery techniques, improvised field repair, planning and preparation for unsupported missions, navigation, emergency and remote wilderness first aid and basic survival skills.

Our expedition program is conducted in Ontario Canada, but can be taught in most areas of North and South America and advanced or longer, sustained trips can be arranged.