Leadership, Planning & Team Development

Recognizing that many of the same lessons we teach to individuals and organizations operating in difficult environments are highly transferable any pressurized, time-sensitive or challenging situation Tundra  training in leadership and team-building, featuring task analysis, problem solving, situational awareness, planning and communication techniques that foster leadership and team and group cohesion.

Our highly experienced and proven instructor cadre facilitates experiential seminars based on our customer’s requirements that are developed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and enable unity of effort of your organization.

Our seminars consist of, but not limited to, presentations and practical application of the concepts and can be adapted to your unique needs. This includes the following:

  • Theory of Leadership

    Leadership philosophy, Principals of Leadership, Leader characteristics and  behaviors

  • Problem Analysis & Solving Techniques

    How to approach and solve complex problems

  • Decision Making Techniques

    How to apply factors to decisions, develop viable courses of action and subsequently incorporate these into a plan

  • Planning in Complex Situations

    How to assess a complex problem, and come up with reasonable solutions under time constraints.

  • Communications Techniques

    How to communicate a plan to team members so that they know their role in the task and also to superiors to solicit their support.

  • Continuous Improvement

    How to refine techniques and procedures in order to learn from tasks that have been completed.

Learning is achieved by the practical application of the concepts and tools provided in dynamic and evolutionary using scenarios relevant to the needs and functions of the training audience. We develop customized scenarios that allow the target audience to solve familiar problems typically experienced in their respective work environment.

We can provide a seminar based on your organizational structure, needs and available resources. Emphasis throughout the learning experience will be the importance, value and influence of leadership and communications and its exponential impact on the effectiveness, efficiency, and success of tasks and operations.

If developing your organization’s leadership capacity and team cohesion, efficiency, success, and unity of effort is something you desire, Tundra has the methods and tools to help you accomplish this.