Risk Management Consulting

Tundra’s consultancy services are structured around the risk management processes of: identification, assessment, planning, implementation and review.

For each of these processes Tundra is able provide services and products to assist organizations effectively respond to their specific organizational risks and threats.  These could include threat and security assessments; business impact assessments; the creation and implementation of security, risk treatment and business continuity plans; evaluations of existing security and threat reduction measures; and the short or long-term provision of embedded consultants with relevant security, safety or other types of risk management management expertise.

Tundra can support both organizations without their own internal security and risk management capability, and those with an internal capability that might need additional support in specific competencies or in specific geographical areas.

Traditional approaches to security have tended to involve the use of protective physical security measures such as barriers, fences and guards; and while these methods are still part of many security risk treatment scenarios, it has also become increasingly accepted that in certain situations a broader mixture of techniques can be used to enhance or substitute physical security measures. Alternative approaches to security and risk management can include the incorporation of corporate communications, corporate social responsibility and supply chain considerations into overall planning and operations; as well as the integration of new security technologies.

Tundra’s Risk Advisory Services is particularly interested in supporting clients with domestic or overseas projects with complex requirements where non-traditional or integrated approaches to risk management may be most appropriate.