Our Experience

The following page provides some case studies of Tundra’s past performance, showing the kind of programs and projects that we have successfully implemented and the type of customers we have assisted. For privacy reasons  we do not share the names of our customers publicly unless this information is already in the public domain.

hostile environment training
Emergency Management: Alberta

Following an award through competitive tender, Tundra was invited to review and enhance the existing emergency management arrangements of a large county within the province of Alberta in western Canada.

Using a team of experienced public sector emergency management consultants we conducted an assessment then implemented a series of policy and procedural changes over a period of several months, after we continued to support the region with a quality management and training capability until the changes had been fully embedded.  (2012-2014)

Oil & Gas Security: Tunisia

A Canadian exploration and production company with a subsidiary in Tunisia had concerns about the security of the immediate vicinity of its field operations, which were in a remote area of the country close to the Libyan border, and also about the overall security situation in the country.

Tundra conducted an assessment to review the company’s security arrangements and approach to risk management throughout the country. Following this we embedded a security management service to oversee a series of procedural, policy and physical improvements over the course of a six month period, after which was successful that our services were retained until the company ceased operations in Tunisia as a result of an acquisition. (2012 – 2015)

Hostile Environment Awareness Training: Jordan

An organization contracted by USAID to provide reconstruction and capacity building in the Middle East and Central Asia had a requirement to train their personnel to operate effectively and safely in hostile environments. Tundra was contracted to develop and implement a custom training program for almost 100 staff, which we did by teaming with local partners and law enforcement to create a training environment that replicated regional conditions in Amman, Jordan.

Tundra is Canada’s leading and most experienced provider of HEAT and SAFE training where our customers include media and development organisations as well as businesses in sectors as diverse as heavy engineering and organic cosmetics. (2011, 2012 – 2018)

security services
kidnap ransom support
risk assessment
Security Services, United States Government: Afghanistan

After several unsuccessful attempts to implement contracted security services at a remote United States installation in Afghanistan, the Department of Defense offered Tundra the chance to attempt an innovative mobilization plan. In less than 30 days, Tundra used a combination of both civilian and military air assets to move our personnel and logistical support through some of the most dangerous areas of South Eastern Afghanistan.

The successful implementation of this project led to the award of a Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract, which allowed Tundra becoming one of the most largest suppliers of security services to the US Government in southern Afghanistan for nearly ten years. (2006 – 2015)

Logistics & Program Management Support: Iraq & Jordan

A logistics company based out of Baghdad and working throughout Iraq was having difficulty moving and tracking a substantial amount of employees between Baghdad and their home of record, which was primarily throughout Eastern Europe.

Tundra provided a journey management system, which tracked their employees movement throughout their travels and also managed their leave database and schedule. The newly organized leave and travel schedules not only assisted with accountability and the safety of the employees, but it reduced overall travel costs significantly. (2006 – 2007)

Program Risk Assessment: Afghanistan

Prior to confirming their involvement in Afghanistan’s first commercial hydrocarbons programme, the future concession operators, which included one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, required advanced information about the risks associated with starting business operations in the concession area.

A survey to evaluate these risks was commissioned by the Government of Afghanistan and Tundra provided a consultant to act as the head of research for the survey, which over a three month period involved the direction of highly-trained teams across three northern Afghan provinces and the compilation of a survey report covering relevant security, logistical and human factors for presentation to the potential consortium board. (2011)

security team
leadership training
Maritime Security: Indian Ocean

Between 2011 and 2015 in response to the threat of piracy in the Indian Ocean and its littoral areas Tundra provided a security guarding and consultancy service to a variety of customers that included some of the world’s largest and most well-known shipping companies.

Coordinating operations between more than 15 countries and using guarding teams of personnel from national backgrounds selected to suit our customer’s quality and budgetary needs, our services were certified to be in compliance with ISO 28007, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO/OHSAS 18001 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance putting us in the very top tier of companies providing this type of service. (2011 – 2015)

Advanced Driver Training: Canada

A specialized Canadian military unit required advanced driver training prior to deployment on an overseas mission. Responding to this need Tundra developed a four-day course intended to improve their driver performance in both improved track and unimproved off-road conditions, incorporating practical scenario work to assist the trainees to learn how to put incorporate driving techniques into real-life situations.

Tundra has continued to train a number of different military units, and has also offered driver training to executive protection staff for multi-national companies, diplomats, and international workers who may be required to drive in remote or difficult foreign road conditions. (2012 – 2018)

Leadership Training: Canada

A Canadian provincial police department recognized the potential benefits of leadership training for members of an elite incident response team, and asked Tundra if we would be able to assist with this.

Tundra accordingly provided a short leadership course incorporating theory, tactical training and scenarios based around the application of leadership in difficult situations facilitated by former members of Canada’s Tier 1 Special Forces units.

Noting that there are universal lessons in leadership, management and decision-making to be gained from the experiences of implementing projects and task in challenging environments, Tundra is able to assist any organizations that may be interested in gaining new perspectives on leadership and new approaches to staff development. (2014)