New Imam (pbuh) next handled your claiming: “O servant out of Goodness, your anxiety demise as you don’t comprehend it

New Imam (pbuh) next handled your claiming: “O servant out of Goodness, your anxiety demise as you don’t comprehend it

Inside a heritage out of Imam Ali ibn Muhammed (pbuh), it is narrated that he (pbuh) approached one of is own friends who was simply ill plus in a great county away from weeping and you may grieving and worrying due to concern with passing. ”

Then Imam (pbuh) demonstrated an example and said: “Should you have become dirty, and due to the excess of dirt and you will dirtiness you used to be inside suffering and you will inconvenience, therefore knew that the means to fix all of this set for the your taking a shower, do you wish to go to a shower and brush oneself or are you willing to desire to stay in a comparable state of dirtiness and thus consistently proceed through the fresh suffering.” The fresh new ill son told you, “Yes, I would personally want to do the bath.” Then the Imam (pbuh) replied: “dying (to you) is the identical shower.”

The point to get considered about significantly more than tradition is the fact, the new sick people was one of the companions of the Imam (pbuh) and you will are aware of the brand new Islamic understanding from death, however in spite on the, is actually intensely afraid away from death.

step 3. Shortage of preparation

Some people keeps realized the facts out of demise and are also aware of the brand new Islamic insight out of demise. As well, he has got in addition to obtained certain factual statements about the newest stations as well as the travel just after dying, not, regardless of this, it still fear death.

This fear isn’t because of the a couple of factors above mentioned but as they have not offered for themselves the tools and you may something essential it trip out of theirs, when you are, on the other hand they’ve been paying more-than-needed advantages to their introduce life; such a person who knows that however need certainly to invest the remainder of their lifestyle overseas, but have not compiled any money to possess their travel.

Alternatively, all that he has got attained is in the sort of domestic, store, homes or any other things that, currently, was none able to be changed, neither transferred. Put another way, he’s strived and you can has worked and you will amassed a capital, nevertheless financing is such it cannot be moved and you can there is no body that will buy it. In short, this is simply not useful in in any manner on the goal, that he got at heart. Individuals expected Imam Hassan (pbuh): “Exactly why are we reluctant to perish, why don’t we such as for example dying?”

“Because”, replied Imam Hassan (pbuh), “You ruined your next community and you may establish this option; without a doubt, that you don’t like to be transmitted regarding thriving in order to decline.”

This kind of anxiety about dying, and therefore results from having less readiness therefore the absence of the fresh new specifications of journey constantly happen to your believers, which in the reality is maybe not concern with death but instead, concern about not having the fresh new sufficient terms necessary for this travels.

Thereby, the latest Imam (pbuh) of the to present a good example told him the fresh states and you can facts after death for example calmed him

Other point would be the fact such as for example a concern is commonly mixed with eagerness. As, towards the one-hand, a great believer is looking forward to new Divine appointment and for the brand new company of Righteous somebody. While doing so, because of shortage of adequate piety and also the necessary provisions, finds themselves in a state off nervousness and you can anxiety, while the fresh new unbelievers do not have such as a worry and you will eagerness.

It anxiety the real passing, while they consider this become an entire annihilation. Without a doubt, it may be said that the fear of your unbelievers you’ll features a great universal meaning, as well as the factors behind it could be people mentioned and now have men and women maybe not mentioned.

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