It would be best if you stop species in the genus Pseudocheilinus right here

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It would be best if you stop species in the genus Pseudocheilinus right here

Leopard and Fairy Wrasse Together? – Hope all is well crew. <> My question for today is would a leopard wrasse get along with my yellow sided fairy wrasse. <> The tank is a 90 gallon reef. <> I really like the potters leopard wrasse. <> But all are Beautiful. sex chat <> What Leopard would you suggest? <>

But when you have doubts

Re: Leopard and Fairy Wrasse Together? – Thank you for your quick response. <> Unfortunately at this point I don’t have a refuge but I have about 30 pounds of LR just randomly thrown in the sump. <> The live rock is definitely loaded with pods, and I’ve seen live Mysis shrimp swimming through the rocks too. <> It’s the second time that I’ve seen my LFS bring in a leopard wrasse and each one has been eating well. <> But I was concerned more about putting two wrasses in the same tank. <> Which I’ve found out the hard way is not a good idea (or at least 2 aggressive species). <<Indeed, some species are more suitable for mixing in a small tank than others. – The two wrasses I attempted were in my aggressive tank. FYI species from the genera Coris and Choerodon. <> My Harlequin didn’t want any thing to do with a Red Coris I attempted. <> But once again thank you for your very quick responses. I might actually try a leopard wrasse. Josh <>

EricR>> R2: Leopard and you will Fairy Wrasse Along with her?

Need some sanity for my wrasses 1/4/07 Hi- <Hello Nathan, JustinN with you today. I have a blue carpet that minds it's business, more than several SPS's, some polyps, 4 shrimp, a host of hermits, a starfish that I forget the name of the Ophiothrix type, 400 Watt 15k augmented with 64 actinic, moon, skimmer, chiller, on and on and on 🙂 I have zero issues in my tank. EXCEPT! Flasher wrasses will not stay alive in my tank. For fish I have a Fridmani Pseudochromis, one ocellaris clown, an exquisite wrasse and a unknown wrasse of the same genus. I have read that Cirrhilabrus and Paracheilinus can coexist easily. The are very playful and well established. I have tried to put in my tank 2 smaller Paracheilinus wrasses (cyanus and carpenteri) and both died the same way: they looked happy and established, were eating, then the next day they are curled up with labored breathing in the corner only to die no matter what I do (I put them in isolation and it is too late).

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