I like Islam n love my Allah n prophets and thank Allah your r undertaking great tasks

I like Islam n love my Allah n prophets and thank Allah your r undertaking great tasks

I wish to state as a Muslim, this has been a really informative and interesting go through the internet site. It really is clear and accurate. Whilst searching through ‘Islamic Starter packages’ for a friend, I came across this amazing site designed with Live assist. This is exactly what we have to assist others to learn more about Islam. It is not only great for those who are planning to study or convert to Islam, but extremely informative for us Muslims who wish to find out more should they don’t know already. It is not usually easy to explain as much as you’ll be able to to some one, Im bound to read through more and pass this upon. In general, the internet site! Salams.


Christianity or Islam not so long ago, almost 13 age back, I happened to be working for a call center. Due to some reasons I experienced to complete two consecutive changes as among the representatives would not arrive. We had been three men and women sitting within the appropriate means. (1)Christian (Left), (2) Muslim (me personally in the middle),(3) Muslim with a beard (best). After a few hours suddenly my Muslim buddy begun asking for the Christian equivalent to transform himself into a Muslim and expand their beard as this is the very best faith. I found myself surprised and experienced terrible. That which was this Muslim man attempting to attain here. In this manner he’d only pick hatred from his Christian equal. We told your to get rid of carrying this out. I advised your that in the event that you is produced in a Muslim household it isn’t your own wonder you were only produced in a Muslim Family which means you include a Muslim exactly the method this Christian guy try! The majority of us dont adopt a religion based on proof but it appear through the forefathers. The true real question is which is the correct religion? As it’s the situation of hereafter and who would like to head to hell? My answer this Muslim man was that, Should you assemble all of the understanding of Islam and try to transform any Christian into Muslim, you may do well or give up the chances are 50%l50percent. Similarly exact same is the situation with that Christian son he may struggle to winnings the center by better of their information about Christianity. Therefore the real question is who can decide what faith need implemented / used. My reply had been that If you query Jesus for a Beautiful girlfriend, house or a Car you can find it or perhaps you might not it is likely that 50%l50per cent however if you may well ask jesus to give all of us the information regarding right religion very inturn he would perhaps not give us Beautiful spouse, automobile or home as an alternative he’d grant us utilizing the proper knowledge/Path, however illuminate the center. So we should prey god the true god(assuming a lot of us were appropriate religions (Christianity or Islam ) we have actually followed from your forefathers rather than by mastering them) that kindly give us the right path while we tend to be individuals and do not has power to examine all the religions after which choose which you’re correct.

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Paul J

barak allah feek. isA u may benefit out of this and might you visit ferdous aided by the accompany associated with ppl u need produced and enriched their particular faith of goodness to all of them

Azad Mohamed

Gazakom alla 7.ayran – this might be a rather useful website which will help snapsext GRATIS PROEF individuals to learn and see the genuine meaning of Islam. People wanna convert to Islam, but don’t know how. It is wonderful to see exactly how many are getting to be muslims from all around the planet. Aspire to see extra sites for this kind. We-all should inform anyone we realize about these site.

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