A leader in international standards

Certified to ISO 9001,14001, 18001, 2800 including ISO/PAS 28007:2012
through Lloyds Register Quality Assurance

Armed Security Teams

ISO 28007 certified security officers for the mitigation
of piracy and other maritime crimes

Comprehensive audits for ships and ports

ISPS regulated port facility plans, security assessments and vessel audits

Medical support for the maritime industry

Embedded medical personnel, advisory support, training
and medical evacuations

BMP4 Vessel Hardening

Vessel hardening measures to prevent the possibility of criminal boarding

Super Yacht Security

Risk and security management services tailored
for superyachts and private vessels

Maritime Security and Risk Management

Proven security solutions for international shipping companies
ports, underwriters and oil and gas facilities.


Maritime Defence Services

Tundra MDS (Maritime Defence Services) is the maritime support and security division of Tundra and it provides specialised security and consulting services for the maritime industry.  Tundra MDS has developed a core range of services that includes ISO 28007 certified transits, vessel hardening design, crisis management support and other consulting services for the protection of vessels, offshore facilities and ports around the world.

 With a wealth of experience and a strong dedication to setting the highest of standards, Tundra MDS has the expertise to guarantee the highest standards of service provision when protecting your staff and assets, and assisting with your commercial success.

security team

Security Teams

For mitigation against the threat of piracy and other maritime crimes, Tundra MDS can provide qualified and experienced embedded teams of armed or unarmed Maritime Security Officers to advise on defensive and avoidance procedures, to recognize potential attacks, to act as a deterrent, and to provide decisive action in response to any unwanted attempt to board.

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Vessel Hardening

We can provide BMP4 vessel hardening measures to your current vessels to minimize the possibility of criminal boarding and we can also incorporate standardized hardening measures into the design and build phase of vessels.

Our highly-experienced design team will conduct a professional revision of ship building plans prior to, or during, the new build phase that will create significant longterm savings in both operational and maintenance costs.

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Maritime Risk Assessments

Tundra MDS provides audits and assessments for single vessels, voyages, fleets, oil and gas installations and port facilities and anchorages.  Our Audits and assessments are designed around a proven methodology and include a comprehensive identification of threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Our highly qualified assessors are able to produce ISPS Port Facility plans, security assessments and ISPS regulated vessel audits and ship security plans.



Yacht Security

Combing our expertise in maritime security, risk and security management and executive protection, Tundra MDS offers comprehensive risk and security management services particularly tailored for superyachts.

These services include risk assessments and audits, anti-piracy solutions, passage planning and navigational support, on-board medical support, and bespoke close protection services both at sea and while disembarked at ports.

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rescue vessel

Medical Support

Tundra provides a number of medical support services for the maritime industry including the provision of embedded medical personnel, medical advisory support, medical evacuations and training.

Tundra can develop a custom solution that keeps medical response times to a minimum and provides safe and reliable evacuation of a patient from the point of injury to a location that can provide the necessary level of care.

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Tundra MDS is fully certified for ISO 28000 including ISO 28007:2015 through Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).  ISO 28007 gives established guidelines to private maritime security companies that supply privately contracted armed security personnel onboard ships.  Certification to these standards demonstrates to the international community that Tundra MDS can legally, safely and effectively guard seafarers, their vessels and cargo.