Founded more than 10 years ago to assist organizations manage their security, safety and logistics in some of the world’s most difficult working environments, today Tundra supports private and public sector organizations both at home in Canada and abroad with a range of services that are intended to both reduce their exposure to risks and improve their overall resilience and performance.

These include:

  • Advisory Services  Identifying and assessing risks and the development of solutions to mitigate them; evaluating existing approaches to risk and threat mitigation, and providing advanced information to assist with decision-making.
  • Mission Support  Implementing physical risk, security and safety management solutions; and providing the necessary expertise and practical support to assist organizations achieve their goals in all types of operating environments.
  • Maritime Security Security management and support services to shipping companies, port authorities and other organizations working offshore.
  • Emergency Management Assessment, planning and training to improve business continuity both in public and private sector situations.
  • Training Training for those required to work in challenging or uncertain situations, including medium to high threat environments at home and internationally.

Risk Consulting & Advisory Services

Tundra offers an advisory capability to assist individuals and organizations with threat, risk, vulnerability and business continuity concerns both in Canada and internationally. While our core services include the delivery of assessments, audits and advice on security and safety issues, we particularly welcome the opportunity to assist our customers plan and respond to complex and multi-faceted risk situations.

To manage the risk of the global travel associated with expanding into emerging markets our TRACS capability is focused on travel and remote worker safety, providing solutions for managing travel risk through pre-travel planning, analysis, awareness training, satellite tracking and monitoring and medical and security advice and response.

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Mission Support

Tundra specializes in supporting organizations working in difficult working environments by providing skilled and experienced personnel, comprehensive training packages and operational and logistical assistance.

We have previously provided full life support systems for remote camps to include all of the planning, air and ground transportation, logistics and security infrastructure to ensure mission success, even in the most austere environments.  Our clients have come from sectors including telecoms, oil and gas, media and government and the non-profit sector.

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emergency management

Emergency Management

Tundra provides a full range of crisis and emergency management services, including the complete development of Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP), risk assessments, streamlined reviews of procedural annexes and exercises, including full-scale multi-venue exercises. We offer these to both public and private sector customers.

Tundra can also offer assistance in responding to an emergency or crisis by providing subject matter expert advisors and specialized response teams coordinated through strategically located operations centres.


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Tundra develops and delivers training in four main areas:

  • Preparation for organizations and individuals who are required to travel abroad;
  • Preparation for organizations and individuals who may be exposed to potentially unsafe situations domestically, including emergencies, natural disasters, lone working and work in areas with high crime;
  • Protective security operations and defence training including executive and close protection, and specialized driver training for all types of terrain; and,
  • Leadership and team-building training.

Tundra support government organizations, businesses in all kinds of sectors, NGO’s and media personnel; and we have developed a training centre to provide state-of-the-art, realistic training, and to act as a facility for the research and development of new training concepts in the fields in which we operate.

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