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Emergency Management

About Us

Tundra’s Emergency Management services are normally delivered through ERI Canada, a Canadian emergency management and training consultancy that provides custom assessment, planning and training services internationally. Started over twenty years ago in western Canada, and joining Tundra through acquisition in 2012.  ERI is an industry-leading provider of emergency management planning and consulting services.

Our Approach

Tundra recognizes the need and benefit of providing distinctive services based upon each organization’s size and culture. Although the principles are consistent a single department within a small town requires a different set of emergency management tools from a city, and what is appropriate for a public sector organization, may not be for a commercial or a non-governmental organization. Our first step is therefore to understand the customer organization and its goals before structuring an appropriate plan, training, and exercise program that will assist it to prepare, mitigate, respond, and recover from natural, technological, or human-caused incidents and disasters within a given budget and time frame, ensuring that Recovery Time Objectives and continuity are addressed.


ERI’s services include assistance with business impact analysis, development of a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP), reviews of procedural annexes and manuals, full-scale multi-venue exercises, table-top exercises, advanced multi-day Emergency Operation Center (EOC) training, and  Incident Command System (ICS) training.

ERI consults and instructs in Canada and internationally and it has earned a reputation for providing some of the most relevant and current material for emergency management, leveraging industry best practices.

We are capable of delivering training at our customers chosen locations across Canada or hosting courses at our own facility in Clearview, Ontario.