November 2008

Kidnap & Ransom Support

After a prominent United States reporter and two associates were kidnapped by members of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2008, the Kidnap and Ransom Insurance held by the reporters employer dictated the use of a specific United States based consulting company to assist in negotiations and support. With almost no assets or experience in the region, the consulting company turned to Tundra to provide ongoing support operations.

For 8 months, Tundra provided covert protection details and surveillance during negotiation talks, the transportation of the ransom payment and the interpreter and translation services.

In 2009, Tundra was again consulted and contracted by the same organization when another reporter was kidnapped. This time, Tundra provided close protection to the rescued hostage for his movement to Kabul International Airport as part of his journey home after a successful rescue mission freed him days after his capture.