August 2009

HEAT Training

An organization contracted by USAID to provide reconstruction and capacity building primarily in developing nations defined a requirement to train their personnel in methods of operating effectively and safely in hostile environments.

Tundra was contracted to develop and implement a custom Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) program for almost 100 personnel in an area that replicates the environment of multiple countries.

Tundra teamed with local partners and law enforcement to create a training environment that met and exceeded expectation by using a police training center outside of Amman Jordan. Tundra then customized a four day program to include situational awareness training, travel security, conduct after capture (kidnap for ransom), working in hostile environments, counter terrorist and defensive driving and other lectures designed for people visiting, living or working in areas of higher insecurity or limited infrastructure.

Tundra now provides HEAT to a number of notable organizations.